Franklin Co. Adds $2,500 to Coyote Bounty Program

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Coyote-Close-upRocky Mount, VA - The Franklin County Board of Supervisors has appropriated an additional $2,500 for the rest of the fiscal year to fund the Coyote Bounty Program.

The program started in 2007 and provides a $35 bounty for each coyote killed in the county and brought to the Public Safety Office as proof. 

The additional money brings the total for the year to $5,000 or 142 claims from July to June. 


Roller Coaster of Weather Could Bring Storms, then Snow...

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tempsRocky Mount, VA - There are finally some signs that Spring is trying to make a come back across the area this week. But as the warmer air moves in and out, wintry weather may sneak up on us.

Cold air will wedge down into the area Monday night just as moisture returns up and over the cold air Tuesday morning. Anything falling early Tuesday would be sleet or freezing rain. Right now, the ice doesn't look like too big of a deal, but it only takes a glaze to make bridges and colder roads slick. 

By the afternoon Tuesday, temps will warm up some and the skies should clear a bit. Temperatures will continue to RISE into Tuesday night, jumping into the 50s by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday will feel like Spring. Warm SW winds will bring in humid and mild air with temps neawr 60. Showers and even a few storms are possible ahead of a strong cold front.

Areas of low pressure will ride along the front, slowing it down. As the front crosses, very heavy rain could develop and possibly lead to flooding. Remember, the ground is fairly saturated with recent snow melt.

The cold front approaching Wednesday and Thursday will be an "anafront". The upper winds will not shift depsite the surface front passing through. That means temps will fall fast while moisture will stay in place. 

Rain will change to wet snow and could accumulate with significant accumulations possible Thursday morning, especially in the mountains. 

Thursday's system could be big for some areas, especially the mountains. Rain and flooding with a few storms Wednesday will also need our attention this week. 


Senate Passes Wood Heater Legislation

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A bill that would prevent the government from regulating wood stoves in Virginia has passed in the Virginia House of Delegates and the Senate.
The bill will now be considered by the governor.
HB2246, introduced by Del. Charles Poindexter (R-Franklin County), would prevent Virginia from regulating wood stoves and appliances and would prohibit Virginia from enforcing EPA regulations on wood heaters.
“The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has announced forthcoming regulations on the design, construction, distribution and emissions for wood stoves, masonry heaters (fireplaces), hydronic heaters and pellet stoves,” Poindexter said. “It is clear to me such regulations will eventually result in wood (bio-mass)being eliminated in the United States as a heat source in such places as residences, farms and other workshops, and small businesses.”
The House passed the bill with a 77 to 20 vote, and it passed in the Senate by a vote of 32 to 7. 
“I carried this bill to ensure that we may continue to use our wood heaters in our houses, small businesses, farm shops, cabins and similar dwellings,” Poindexter added. “The announced EPA regulations are another example of federal overreach and lack of common sense.”


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