F.C. Voters to Use Paper Ballots Nov. 3

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votingROCKY MOUNT - Citing general wear and age of the touch-screen computerized voting machines used in Franklin County since 2007, according to secretary of the Franklin County Electoral Board Jody Brown.

Brown told Cable 12 Tuesday that the 2007 electronic machines were being phased out by the state, and that localities were not allowed to purchase new machines. Franklin County could opt to keep the 2007 machines in use, but Brown noted that the machines in use had to be recalibrated more often over the years. With no plan in place from the state to purchase newer machines, the risk just wasn't worth it, Brown said.

While the county takes bids from up to five different vendors for next November, voters will use a paper ballot system which will then be scanned by a computer to ensure accuracy this year. 

The main issue is educating the public on the use of the paper ballots, which is actually an easier process than it seems on the voter, officials said.

It's reported that neighboring areas are also using the paper scan system this year as well.

The Franklin County Board of Supervisors has been setting aside money to purchase newer voting machines for next year, Brown said.

In the meantime, paper will be the way to vote this Election Day in Franklin County.


Sun to Return This Week!

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SAT ERG4 WVENHROCKY MOUNT - After two weeks of rain, the weather pattern is finally breaking apart, which will allow for more sunshine by the afternoon Monday. 

High pressure should gradually build in and scour out the low clouds surrounding an upper low. 

The same low soaked the SE, especially the low country and midlands of South Carolina, where storm totals ranged from 20 to 30 inches. 

The rainfall produced a catastrophic flood from Columbia to Myrtle Beach. Bridges collapsed and dams failed as the rains continued to pour down Sunday.

Back in our area, though, welcome sunshine will return and stick around through much of the week, allowing things to dry out for a change.



Weather Potential Forces Change in Local Events

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Rescheduled Events:

  • Ferrum College Homecoming game against Greensboro College moved to William Fleming High School tonight at 7 pm.
  • Franklin County Varsity Football game against Bassett has been moved to Bassett on Monday at 7 pm.
  • Bridgewater Plaza Fall Festival moved from October 3rd to October 17th.
  • Franklin County Football Booster Club Meeting moved from Monday, October 5th to Monday, October 12th.

Cancelled Events:

  • Oktoberfest and 5K Trail Run/Walk at Smith Mountain Lake has been cancelled.
  • Greater Vision Church Spaghetti Dinner scheduled for Oct. 3rd has been cancelled.
  • 7th Annual Homestead Creamery Farm Day scheduled for Oct. 3rd has been cancelled.

Another 5-10" of Rain Possible Friday-Saturday

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p120iROANOKE - If the computer models are correct, the area may be in for major flooding the likes of which we haven't seen in decades. 

There is still time for this forecast to change. But the best case scenario still brings more rain to the region with at least some degree of flooding by Friday night.

The problem with all of this is a massive blocking high pressure system over the NE. This high is not allowing any system from moving east, instead causing systems to close off into low pressure areas near the Gulf, circulating more and more rain into the area.

This pattern will redevelop again Wednesday night into Thursday with more light to moderate rain expected by then. While not likely to cause flooding, the added rain will keep the ground saturated and water levels high.

The new upper low forming by Friday will develop low pressure east along the coast, moving north along a stalled front. The low will get stronger and could swing an area of very heavy rain into the area on top of everything Friday, Friday night, and Saturday.

By then, what's projected to be Hurricane Joaquin will be near the coast as well. This storm could also track near the area into the weekend. If that's the case, high wind in addition to the off-the-chart rainfall would down trees.

This is very serious situation developing as we head into Friday. Stay tuned for more updates.


Flooding Continues Across the Area...Warnings Issued

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rscecilmorris1FRANKLIN COUNTY - Another 2-3" of heavy rain hit the area Tuesday morning as moisture continues to show no sign of letting up near us. Small streams and creeks as well as main rivers will be rising fast into Tuesday evening. 

Since Friday, 5-10 inches of rain has fallen over the tributaries of the rivers and creeks into the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

All closed have let out early across Franklin County.

Bands of rain, some heavy, will continue into the evening.

Rivers will crest into the evening with flooding expected.

As of the early afternoon Tuesday, the Pigg and Blackwater Rivers were rapidly rising. Creeks and streams are getting very close to bank full.

More heavy rain is possible later in the week by Thursday night and Friday as yet another disturbance possibly picks up Tropical Storm Joaquin and brings the rain inland.

So there will be two main windows to watch out for: Tuesday afternoon and evening, and again Friday as the Tropical Storm nears.

The dedication of Dr. Amos' historic Old Chapel Church in Penhook has been moved to October 18 due to the recent rains.

Stay tuned for more updates.